North Star Award


The North Star Award is the pinnacle of the Beaver Scout journey. In January of the Beavers’ White Tail year, the Northern Lights Ceremony marks the beginning of the Beaver Scout Northern Lights Quest.

As a team and as individuals, the White Tails are asked to demonstrate excellence in what they have learned as Beaver Scouts in order to earn their North Star Award. When a Beaver Scout has completed his or her quest, a celebration is held at which he or she is presented with the North Star Award badge.

This award can be earned by White Tail Beaver Scouts, even if they are in their first year in Scouting. The focus is on the personal journey, individually appropriate challenge and the willingness of the Beaver Scout to work hard.

Nothern Lights Quest:

  1. Outdoor Adventure Skills

A total of five Outdoor Adventure Skill stages are to be achieved by Beaver Scouts in order to achieve their North Star Award.

  1. Service Hours

Beaver Scouts must complete five hours of community service to achieve their North Star Award. These service hours can be completed over the entirety of a Beaver Scout’s time in the Section, and do not have to be fulfilled in a Scouting capacity.

  1. The Northern Lights Quest Project

As part of the Northern Lights Quest, Beaver Scouts must complete a project. The objective is to complete a challenging project that provides meaningful personal development for the Beaver Scout, and makes a positive difference in the local, national or global community. There are three key components to the Northern Lights Quest Project:

  • Individually challenging and meaningful
  • Something the youth cares about
  • Makes a positive difference in the local, national or global community
  1. Personal Progression Review

A scouter will meet with each White Tail to discuss their experience in Beaver Scouts.  We will talk about:

  • What do you know now that you did not know before you were a Beaver Scout?
  • What is the best thing you have done as a Beaver Scout?
  • What is the most challenging thing you have done as a Beaver Scout?
  • What did you do to earn this badge?
  • What was your favourite adventure as a Beaver Scout?
  • How have you helped take care of the world?
  • How have you worked hard? Had fun? Helped family and friends?
  • How have you shared with someone else as a Beaver Scout?
  • What adventures would you like to have in Cub Scouts next year? What Outdoor Adventure Skills do you want to keep exploring?

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